Knowing the offsets of (potential) tiles, we can pick one (56057877) and extract the tile into a file:

./src/ -c extract -o img/tile_56057877.cod --offset 56057877

Then we get Firefox and install it using (the 32 Bit version of) Wine. From we can download ls26.txt and the installer for the Netscape plugin ls26.exe and run the latter with Wine. This results in a couple of files of which only NPLS32.DLL (the actual plugin) is relevant for us. As described in ls26.txt, we “Simply place this file in the plug-ins directory of [our] 32-bit Netscape.” For Firefox running in Wine this is ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Mozilla Firefox/plugins/.

Now we can run Firefox using Wine and open a test image. It should show two white foxes. Opening the extracted tile should show a proper D-Sat satellite image as follows:

It works! :-)